Yoorim Products


GR SPLINT PLUS is a product that can be removable by the user because it is fixed using a band instead of a compression bandage of the existing splint, minimizes the stiffness by not using a compression bandage, and is hygienically usable during treatment period because of excellent ventilation.
Also, since the existing nonwoven fabric is used as it is, it is possible to take a clear X-ray.


Detailed Drawing of GR SPLINT PLUS


1. Products that produce excessive heat should be discontinued immediately.
2. If uncured polyurethane resin gets on your skin, remove it with alcohol or acetone.
3. Do not use for other purposes than body correction splint.
※ This product is a disposable medical device and is prohibited from reuse.


1. Be careful not to break the package.
2. Keep them in dryness.
3. Damaged products by care less handling can not be replaced, please handle and store them carefully.
※ If you violate this, the resin may tip to one side.
4. The shelf life of the product is three years from the date of manufacture.
5. When the resin is stuck to operator, please wipe it out with cotton swab with acetone.